This interview was produced thanks to the support of the Arts Council Ireland – Agility Award.
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Raffaele Muraca

Visual Artist & Facilitator
Based in Cork

Raffaele Muraca

A Visual Artist and Facilitator from Italy, Raffaele has experience in Prop and Float-Making, Set Dressing & Painting and Mural Art.

He studied Fine Art at Brera Art Academy in Milano but dropped off before graduation and then graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy. For several years he worked in Italy as an educator/facilitator in a house family with teenage refugees, organising cultural events and social activities bridging cultures and establishing integration using art as a medium.

In 2014 he moved to Ireland to work with Cork Community Art Link, working in partnership with the community in Cork city, making props for sets and videos, holding prop-making workshops, performing, making floats for Irish parades and managing street art festivals.

He truly believes in the power of art as a medium for cultures and people’s growth.

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