Micheal Chanda

Artist and Facilitator
Based in Dublin

Micheal Chanda. Contatto. Photographed by Elena Cristofanon

Micheal Chanda

Micheal Chanda is one of the founders of the Barefeet Theatre Company Zambia, a theatre company which works with young people, those at risk of living on the street and those already in that condition.

They use theatre, art, dance, music, drama and games as a tool to transform the lives of young people. In his facilitation of interactive workshops, Chanda uses these media to talk about issues affecting our communities and society.

Chanda has travelled with the Barefeet Theatre across the globe, performing, facilitating workshops and participating in various events. He sings in the Discovery Gospel Choir, the leading intercultural choir in Ireland.

Following his passion, Chanda facilitates very engaging and interactive Zambian storytelling and teaches Zambian traditional dances/drumming around the world.

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