This interview was produced thanks to the support of the Arts Council Ireland – Agility Award.
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Fernanda Ferrari

Storyteller, art facilitator and performer
Based in Co. Wexford

Fernanda Ferrari. Contatto. Photographed by Elena Cristofanon. Funded by the Arts Council Agility Award, 2021

Fernanda Ferrari

Fernanda Ferrari is a visual storyteller, art facilitator and performer originally from Brazil, passionate about creating enchanted stories that awaken the inner child within us.

After graduating in Drama from the UNICAMP University in Brazil, Fernanda was invited to present her work in different parts of the world. For several years she has also been working with cultural/social projects and stop motion animation exploring art as a tool of personal and social transformation. In 2015 Fernanda moved to Ireland and found her forever home.

The Arts Council of Ireland awarded Fernanda in 2021 with the Young People, Children and Education Bursary to study Puppetry with the PuppetSoup Theatre Company from Wales and to develop original projects to inspire the young audience to find their voice through art.
The Five Lamps Arts Festival was Fernanda’s partner in this exciting process. One of the results of this journey was THE MAGIC BOX, a project created with the artist Marcela Bannitz that brings to Ireland the miniature puppet theatre technique born in Brazil called LAMBE LAMBE. Their first show was performed at the Five Lamps Arts Festival this year.

Currently, Fernanda is a Language Explorers facilitator at Mother Tongues and is developing her own company called BUBBLE OF LIGHT Studio to create puppet shows and much more.

Fernanda on how she was received in Ireland