This interview was produced thanks to the support of the Arts Council Ireland – Agility Award.
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Catarina Araújo

Visual Artist
Based in Cork

Catarina Araújo. Contatto. Photographed by Elena Cristofanon

Catarina Araújo

Catarina Araújo is a Portuguese visual artist based in Cork city since 2017. Araújo graduated from Évora University (Portugal) in 2016, with first-class honours in Visual Arts – Multimedia. In 2020, she completed her MA in Art and Process at MTU Crawford College of Art and Design.

Currently, Araújo is one of the four artists in residency in Sample-Studios as part of The Radical Institute Studios of Sanctuary. In 2021 she has been awarded the Agility Award by the Arts Council and also secured a Postgraduate Studio Residency by Sample-Studios. Since she arrived in Ireland, Araújo has been working as an educator for special needs in the Early Years, as an art teacher at Cork Life Centre and in 2021 she joined BEAG (Early Years Arts programme) as an artist facilitator.

Catarina Araújo works with sculpture, printmaking and film. Her practice researches mental health distresses and behavioural patterns by exploring the connection between the body and mind.

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