Aarif Amod

Photographer and Musician
Based in Dublin

These videos and photographs were shot in MoLI – Museum of Literature Ireland. In partnership with the Mother Tongues Festival.

Aarif Amod. Contatto. Photographed by Elena Cristofanon

Aarif Amod

Aarif Amod is a Dublin-based artist with deep roots in South Africa and India.
After discovering Photography in 2016 and completing a Level 6
FETAC course at St Kevin’s College Crumlin, Aarif was accepted to the two leading colleges in Dublin. Instead, he chose to find his own path and began to create Artistic and Street Documentary Projects, while also working on collaborative projects and freelance work.
Aarif is currently studying Photography at Pearse College Crumlin and also working in Gandharva Loka, Dublin’s first world music shop. He has vast knowledge and a deep passion for World Music.

Within the last 5 years of discovering his creativity, Aarif has exhibited his work and has been featured in some collaborative projects across
Dublin City. His work includes live concerts reportages and portrait work for many World Musicians with different ethnic backgrounds, including Traditional Irish music. Using these two forms of creative expression, Aarif is planning to bring more focus on the eclectic side of the Dublin Art scene, always aiming to have meaning, value and purpose behind his projects.

Check out Aarif’s exhibition at the Mother Tongues Festival.


Aarif Amod ‘The Moore Street Pulse’

The series is produced from interactions with people and communities in the location of Moore Street Dublin – a historical quater famously known as being the soul of city trading. While using expressive approach to document everyday life on the Street, my focus is on the massive cultural shift currently happening on Moore Street – capturing the vibrancy and cultures of Moore Street.. With workers and passers-bys from all over the world, the Street expresses a vibrant and transformative space, while in the background is a context of its place in Irish history. With recent renewal plans to restore the Street which will reactivate one of the most important trading points in the city, finding a balance between holding onto the important national history of Moore Street while also maintaining a cultural presence plays a vital role.