Contatto is the search for that feeling of human connection. The sense of precarity, uncertainty and loss of physical contact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic drove this creative challenge. Artists who have roots in Ireland and beyond are the protagonists of this story, the story of Ireland’s creativity, a story that is not complete without these voices.

Contatto is the result of months of research conducted during the lockdown by Francesca La Morgia and Elena Cristofanon, Director and Manager of the Mother Tongues Festival, after its last edition.

Having organised the Festival for 3 years, we have created lasting relationships with artists and realised that some of their challenges have to do with their confidence and with the recognition of their work and the uniqueness of their identity.

We have realised that the tapestry of artists living in Ireland is extremely faceted and it is hardly represented at all on the mainstream Arts scene of the Country.

Contatto aims to give these artists an online platform to be seen and heard, not in the form of tokenism, but as protagonists of their own story, rooted in their home country and in Ireland.

Through short video interviews and photographic portraits, Contatto will show that the diversity we see in our streets is mirrored in the artists that have chosen Ireland as their own home.

In this time of uncertainty, when creative people are struggling the most, creating a window, a point of Contact between the audience and the artists felt necessary.

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